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Saints Row IV : PC Performance Benchmarks for Graphics Cards and Processors


 SaintsRow IV 2013_08_24_11_39_42_872

Released : 2013
Genre : Action / 3D / 3rd Person
Developer : Volition, Inc.
Publisher : Deep Silver

 sr4 sys

In Saints Row IV, the head of the Saints was elected to the presidency of the United States. But this is only the beginning! And now, incomparable, inflamed by a cataclysmic alien invasion, the madness of the Saints Row series has taken a new round - the aliens have thrown the Saints into a virtual model of their hometown of Steelport.

Master superpowers on a grand scale and snatch humanity from the psychic grasp of the alien grandfather Zinyak. Escape the virtual trap that the Saints have fallen into or die trying. Saints Row IV will throw the player into an abyss of alien technology and weapons that will turn every Saint into the ultimate face of destruction. Use your extraterrestrial superpowers to fight your way to the top.

Thanks to advanced features and advanced customization, the player will be able to jump from building to building, overtake the fastest sports cars, send enemies flying with the power of telekinesis. All this and more in the wildest part of Saints Row!


In this subsection of our review, the main graphical aspects of this game are revealed. Particular attention is paid to the version of the graphics engine used, the version of the API used, graphics settings and the quality of the development of the main visual aspects.

Supported OS and graphics API

Saints Row IV is supported by major Windows operating systems, which include Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. Other operating systems are not currently supported by the developers. 

 SaintsRowIV steam

The preferred and primary graphics API for the Saints Row IV multiplayer game is DirectX 11. The game is distributed through the Steam digital gaming service.

Game engine 

Saints Row IV is based on the CTG Engine developed by Volition, Inc. for use in their own products.


Unfortunately, we did not find more detailed information about the game engine, except for the above data ...

Advanced game settings

Saints Row IV has the same settings as its predecessor Saints Row: The Third. We can manipulate both basic and advanced graphic settings, exposing them to different levels of quality. 

SaintsRow IV 2013_08_24_11_39_56_471  

Below we have included screenshots of the game at various graphics settings, where our readers can see the difference between the minimum, medium, and maximum graphics quality settings. 

Low quality settings 
SaintsRow IV 2013_08_24_11_42_34_004 SaintsRow IV 2013_08_24_11_44_16_042
Medium quality settings
SaintsRow IV 2013_08_24_11_42_48_759 SaintsRow IV 2013_08_24_11_44_29_190
Maximum quality settings  
SaintsRow IV 2013_08_24_11_43_04_131 SaintsRow IV 2013_08_24_11_44_41_531
As we can see, the difference between the different quality settings is not immediately noticeable. Only upon closer examination it becomes clear that the detailing of objects has slightly improved.
General visual design and game physics

Saints Row IV has graphics that are almost identical to  Saints Row: The Third, which is not surprising, because the game was originally planned as an add-on to its predecessor and only eventually grew into its own product. It can be clearly seen that the developers focused on the gaming component, only finalizing the graphic aspects.

SaintsRow IV 2013_08_23_08_23_33_065 

You can also say that the game does not leave behind the same effect as its predecessor. It is quite possible that we expected a little more in terms of graphics, but in fact we got the same fruit, but in a different wrapper.

 SaintsRow IV 2013_08_23_08_29_28_997

Next, we will go directly to the gaming tests and determine what impact this game has on modern computer hardware.


Test configuration

test stands

Benchmark #1 based on the Intel Socket 2 011

Testbed #2 based on the Intel Socket 2 011

Test stand #3 based on the Intel Socket 1155 platform

Test stand #4 based on the Intel Socket 1366 platform

Testbed #5 based on the Intel Socket 115 6

Test Bench #6 Based on AMD Socket AM3 Platform

Benchmark #7 Based on AMD Socket AM3 +

multimedia equipment

3D monitor LG W2363D

Monitor LG E2750

Dell U3010 monitor product provided by  AMD

Software configuration

operating system

Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Edition x64 SP1

Graphics driver

Nvidia GeForce/ION Driver Release 326.80

AMD Catalyst 13.8 Beta 2

Monitoring program

MSI Afterburner v 3.0.14

GPU test

All video cards were tested at maximum graphics quality by MSI Afterburner. The purpose of the test is to determine how video cards from different manufacturers behave under the same conditions. The average and minimum FPS were taken as the performance indicator.  Below is a video of the test segment:  

Our video cards were tested at 1920x1080 and 2560x1600 resolutions at the maximum graphics quality settings allowed by Saints Row IV. Multi-chip configurations from NVIDIA showed an excellent increase in performance, but  AMD again has problems and scalability jumps from case to case.

 SaintsRow IV 2013_08_24_11_39_56_471

Testing at maximum quality settings 1920x1080

 sr4 1920

At a resolution of 1920x1080 at maximum settings, video cards of the level Radeon HD 5850 or GeForce GTX 460 showed an acceptable level of performance . Solutions like  Radeon HD 5870 or  GeForce GTX 560 will be optimal  .

Testing at maximum quality settings 2560x1600 

 sr4 2560

At a resolution of 2560x1600 at maximum settings, video cards of the level Radeon HD 7850 or  GeForce GTX 480 showed an acceptable level of performance  . Solutions like  Radeon HD 7870 or  GeForce GTX 660 will be optimal  .

VRAM test

memory GPU

Testing of the video memory consumed by the game was carried out by the  MSI Afterburner program. The results were taken on top video cards from AMD and NVIDIA at resolutions of  1920x1080 and 2560x1600.

Testing at maximum memory GPU quality settings 

 sr4 vram

The recommended amount of video memory for this game is about 1024 MB for FullHD and 1500 MB for ultra-high resolutions. 

Micro Stuttering Test


 Introducing our testing of FPS output latency on a Micro-Stuttering monitor. The results were taken on video cards from AMD ARES II and NVIDIA GTX 780 at a resolution of 1920x1080 with maximum image quality settings.

Testing at maximum quality settings Micro-Stuttering GPU


Micro-Stuttering latency is at an acceptable level, but NVIDIA's is much lower.

CPU test

 SaintsRow IV 2013_08_24_11_40_13_561

We tested processor dependence on 15 models of basic configurations that are relevant today. The test in most cases was carried out in those places where the value of the video card for the game is minimal and its load was less than 99%, at a resolution of 1920x1080 with maximum graphics quality settings.  

Testing at maximum quality settings 1920x1080


The Saints Row IV game favors Intel processors, which show much better performance, even with the most affordable solutions.

Loading of processor cores  at maximum quality settings 1920x1080 Intel %

 sr4 intel

Loading of processor cores at maximum quality settings 1920x1080 AMD % 

sr4 amd 

As we can see, the game can fully use only two processor cores.

RAM test


Testing of the RAM consumed by the game was carried out by monitoring directly through the Windows Task Manager. The test was conducted on the base configuration Core i 7 3970X@4.9 GHz with 16GB DDR3 2400 MGz pre-installed memory.

Testing at various quality settings

 sr4 ram

As we can see, with various basic quality settings, the amount of RAM consumed in Saints Row IV is at the level of 700 megabytes. Thus, for a comfortable game, you must have at least 2  GB of RAM installed in your PC.