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The Amazing Spider-Man 2: PC Performance Benchmarks for Graphics Cards and Processors


 Game 2014 05 07 11 59 13 734

Genre : Action, 3D, 3rd Person
Developer : Beenox
Publisher : Activision
Platform : PC  

sm sys

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is an exciting action-adventure game where you take on the role of Spider-Man.

The plot of the game was based on the events that take place in the second part of the new series of films about Spider-Man. You have to fight with a lot of bandits and criminals, as well as confront serious enemies.


In this subsection of our review, the main graphical aspects of this game are revealed. Particular attention is paid to the version of the graphics engine used, the version of the API used, graphics settings and the quality of the development of the main visual aspects.

Supported OS and graphics API

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is supported on major Windows operating systems, which include Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Other operating systems are not currently supported by the developers and will not be supported. 

 sm steam

The priority and primary graphics API for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is  DirectX 9  

Game engine 

 The game engine is a product of Beenox's own development. There is practically no information on the network about the structure and development of this engine. Most likely, the engine is a further development of a product line for games based on Activision's own intellectual property.

 Game 2014 05 07 11 59 07 766

We have not been able to find detailed information other than our own visual observations. 


Advanced game settings


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 received a very not very wide, but quite sufficient range of graphic settings. All graphic settings are set in the game launcher just before starting the game.


Below we have provided screenshots of the game at various graphics settings, where our readers can see the difference between the minimum, medium and maximum graphics quality settings. 

Various quality modes
bottom 1 sr 1 max 1
bottom 2 sr 2 max 2

As we can see, the quality of the picture between different quality settings is determined by the different levels of detail in the environment and slightly changed lighting.

Comparison of FullHD and 4K
hd 1 4k1
hd 2 4k2

In 4K, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 looks good, but the difference in quality without the accompanying equipment is almost imperceptible.

Comparison of anti-aliasing modes
no aa aa

Activating anti-aliasing does not provide any significant improvements, apparently this option does not work correctly.

General visual design and game physics

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is a great addition to the popular film franchise, with a fairly well-developed environment, but it is hardly a blockbuster game, and of course there are several reasons for this, which we will consider in terms of technical implementation.

 Game 2014 05 05 20 03 46 207

The main reason is, of course, the world around us, despite all its scale, it feels inanimate. In the process of missions, this is not noticeable, but if you just stop for a second, everything stops with you, it all looks like one big dummy that could become, if the developers wish, a rather bright game world.

Game 2014 05 07 11 01 13 614 

It is also somewhat embarrassing that there is no physical interaction of the character with the outside world. The maximum that we can do is to move or smash something in the missions themselves, something that was pre-scripted by the developers. But it cannot be said that the game is not exciting, rushing through the passage you can completely forget about it, especially the plot and special effects in this case are more than enough. Graphics by modern standards in the game is more or less at the level.

Game 2014 05 07 11 42 41 816 

Next, we will go directly to the gaming tests and determine what impact this game has on modern computer hardware. 


Test configuration

test stands


Benchmark #1 based on the Intel Socket 2011 platform

Test stand #3 based on the Intel Socket 1155 platform

Test Bench #6 Based on AMD Socket AM3 Platform

Benchmark #7 Based on AMD Socket AM3+ Platform

Benchmark #8 based on the Intel Socket 1150 platform


multimedia equipment

Dell U3010 Monitor 

Monitor  ASUS PQ321QE

Software configuration

operating system

Microsoft Windows 8.1

Graphics driver

Nvidia GeForce/ION Driver Release 337.50

AMD Catalyst 14.4

Monitoring program

MSI Afterburner v 3 beta 19

GPU Mist


GPU test

All video cards were tested at maximum graphics quality by MSI Afterburner. The purpose of the test is to determine how video cards from different manufacturers behave under the same conditions. The average and minimum FPS were taken as the performance indicator. Below is a video of the test segment:    

Our video cards were tested at 1920x1080, 2560x1600 and 3840x2160 resolutions at the maximum graphics quality settings allowed by The Amazing Spider-Man 2. NVIDIA multi-chip configurations are currently not supported by the game. The game has an internal FPS limit of 60 frames.   


Testing at 1920x1080 resolution




Testing at maximum quality settings 1920x1080 

sm 1920 

With these settings,  video cards of the Radeon HD 6850 or GeForce GTX 560 level showed an acceptable FPS. Radeon HD 6950 or  GeForce GTX 560  and higher solutions will be optimal video cards.

Testing at 2560x1600 resolution


Testing at maximum quality settings 2560x1600

 sm 2560

With these settings,  video cards of the Radeon HD 7770 or GeForce GTX 560 level showed an acceptable FPS. Radeon R9 270 or  GeForce GTX 750 Ti  and higher solutions will be optimal video cards.

Testing at 3840x2160 resolution


Testing at maximum quality settings 3840x2560

sm 3840 

With these settings,  video cards of the Radeon HD 7970 or GeForce GTX680 level showed an acceptable FPS. The optimal video cards will be solutions Radeon HD 7990 or  GeForce GTX 780  and higher.


memory GPU

Testing of the video memory consumed by the game was carried out by the  MSI Afterburner program. The results on top video cards from AMD and NVIDIA were taken as an indicator at resolutions of  1920x1080 and 2560x1600 with various anti-aliasing settings.

Testing at maximum memory GPU quality settings 

sm vram 

The recommended amount of video memory usage for a resolution of 1920x1080 will be 768 MB of video memory,  for a resolution of 2560x1600 - 1024 MB of video memory and for a resolution of 3840x2160 about 1536 MB of video memory. 

Micro Stuttering Test



Introducing our testing of FPS output latency on a Micro-Stuttering monitor. The results were taken on multi-chip configurations of video cards from AMD and NVIDIA at a resolution of 1920x1080 with maximum image quality settings.

Testing at maximum quality settings Micro-Stuttering GPU 

sm ms 

Micro-Stuttering latency is at an acceptable level in all modes. 

CPU test


We tested processor dependence on 15 models of basic configurations that are relevant today. The test was carried out in those places where the value of the video card for the game is minimal and its load was less than 99%, this time at a resolution of 1920x1080 with maximum graphics quality settings. Below is a video of the test segment:   

 Testing at maximum quality settings 1920x1080 


It is noteworthy, but the processor performance of the game is simply deplorable...

Loading of processor cores at maximum quality settings 1920x1080 Intel % 

sm intel 

Loading of processor cores  at maximum quality settings 1920x1080 AMD % 

sm amd 

The game is capable of supporting up to 8 computational threads, but only 4 cores can be fully utilized.

RAM test

The test was conducted on the base configuration Core i 7 3970X@4.9 GHz with 16GB DDR3 2400 MGz pre-installed memory. All used RAM was taken as an indicator. The RAM test on the entire system was carried out on various test benches without running extraneous applications (browsers, etc.).

Testing the game's RAM consumption at various quality settings 

 sm ram

As we can see, at various quality settings, the amount of RAM consumed in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is at the level of 1200 megabytes.  

Testing system RAM consumption  

sm ram2 

With a 4 GB system, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 consumes about 2.4 GB of RAM. In the presence of a system with 8 gigabytes, the RAM consumption of all RAM was 2.9 gigabytes. With a 16 GB system, system memory consumption was almost 3.1 GB.