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Serious Sam: The Second Encounter

Serious Sam: The Second Encounter, like Serious Sam, is a 3D first/third person shooter with a lot of arcade elements. The gameplay is simple and straightforward, like Sam himself: we go into the room (we go to the clearing) - we activate the trigger - monsters appear - we clean them - we collect bonuses - we activate the trigger - we go to the next room (we go to the next clearing). As you can see, nothing complicated and, at first glance, interesting.

Serious Sam The Second Encounter

System requirements:
AMD Athlon 650MHz or Pentium III 650MHz or higher,
256MB RAM,
3D accelerator with 32Mb memory on board GeForce 2-3 class
450MB free hard disk space.


Serious Sam The Second Encounter

The graphics engine in Serious Sam: The Second Encounter was just amazing at the time.

The "engine" easily and naturally processes both huge open spaces and rooms, supports all kinds of graphic effects and the widest range of video cards, and thanks to the richness of graphic settings, it is able to "adjust" to any system, from the weakest to the most powerful.
The reasonable approach of the "engine" to the use of processor, RAM and video card resources is pleasing: for example, monster models and architectural details become less detailed when removed, trees and grass - becoming translucent, disappear smoothly, textures and their filtering modes - are simplified. All this provides an acceptable speed even on weak systems, ensuring minimal loss in image quality.

Serious Sam The Second Encounter