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AMD FSR 3 Gains Momentum with Doubled Support in Games for 2024

s of January 2024, AMD FSR 3 technology has significantly expanded its presence in the gaming industry. The number of games supporting FSR 3 has doubled, indicating growing popularity among developers and gamers alike. Notable additions include already released and anticipated titles such as "Cyberpunk 2077", "Starfield", and "Space Marine 2".


January 2024 saw notable expansions in FSR 3 game support, including "MotorCubs RC", "Call of Duty Modern Warfare III & Warzone", "Farming Simulator 22", "The Talos Principle 2", and "Estencel". This reflects a growing recognition and integration of the technology by game developers.

AMD FSR 3 serves as the company's response to Nvidia's DLSS 3 technology, offering frame rate improvements without significant loss of image quality. This is particularly relevant for players seeking enhanced game performance.

Recent game updates like "RoboCop: Rogue City" and "Remnant II" also added support for AMD FSR 3. The "RoboCop: Rogue City" update includes localization fixes, stability improvements, and the addition of AMD FSR 3.03. "Remnant II" has been updated to include AMD FSR 3 support, crossplay functionality, and the new "Aberration Domination Event".

It's noteworthy that enabling frame generation technologies can block some in-game features, such as online multiplayer services in "Remnant II", requiring players to make decisions regarding the balance between performance and functionality.

Overall, the increasing support for AMD FSR 3 indicates a growing interest in the technology among developers and players, aiming to enhance their gaming experience without significant hardware upgrades​​.