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Controversial Agendas in Video Games: Steam Users Mobilize

Amid growing attention to social issues, video games are not immune to discussions and criticism. Some players express dissatisfaction with the integration of specific social agendas into the plots of popular video games. This includes notable projects such as Alan Wake 2, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, and God of War Ragnarok, where critics argue the content may be colored by political and social views, distracting from traditional gameplay and storytelling.


In response, activity on the Steam platform has escalated with the creation of the "Sweet Baby Inc detected" curator page. This page serves to inform users about the presence of such agendas in games, allowing them to decide whether to financially support a project. Sweet Baby Inc, a company involved in integrating social elements into games, has become a focal point after users learned of its participation in the development of many well-known games. Curators on Steam now enable players to easily identify games that contain elements specific to this agenda, providing labeling on game pages.

This initiative has elicited mixed reactions within the gaming community. Some welcome the opportunity to be more informed about the content of games before making a purchase, while others criticize the implementation of such filtering, viewing it as a limitation on the creative freedom of developers and the imposition of a one-sided agenda. As a result, discussions about the balance between social significance and the entertainment value of video games continue to be relevant in the contemporary gaming landscape.