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Cyberpunk 2077 Finally Introduces Metro System in Game

metro c77

In the much-anticipated 2.1 update for Cyberpunk 2077, releasing on December 5th, CD Projekt RED is introducing a comprehensive metro system. This major update brings a fully functional metro to the game, featuring five lines and nineteen stations, allowing players not only to quickly traverse Night City but also to enjoy scenic views from the train carriages during their journey.

Besides the metro, the update brings a host of other changes and enhancements. The game will introduce a portable radio, enabling players to listen to music while walking around. Improvements in boss fights are also expected, including a revamped battle with Adam Smasher, now utilizing Sandevistan as seen in the Cyberpunk: Edgerunners anime.

The update also includes the option to replay races with Claire and adds new vehicles to the game, including the Porsche 911 "Convertible" and new motorcycle models. Additionally, the game will feature enhanced chase mechanics, and enemy gang members will pursue the main character based on actions in side quests.

The update is expected to improve player interaction with game characters, including the ability to go on dates with significant others. Furthermore, a new accessibility settings system will be implemented, allowing players to customize the interface and puzzle time limits.

This update represents a significant step in the evolution of Cyberpunk 2077, bringing the game closer to the initially promised quality and functionality touted during its promotional campaign. It not only enhances gameplay but also expands the possibilities for interacting with the game world.