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Fans Outraged: Microsoft to Port Xbox Exclusives to PS5 and Switch

Recent reports that Microsoft plans to port some of its Xbox exclusive games to competitors' consoles — PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch — have sparked a wave of discontent among fans. Following significant investments in the gaming industry, including acquisitions of companies such as Zenimax and Activision Blizzard King, it was expected that new titles like HI-FI Rush, Starfield, and Indiana Jones would become exclusives for Microsoft's devices. However, latest rumors suggest a change in direction.


Xbox fans have expressed their disappointment on Twitter, particularly after a post about Halo Infinite by Sarah Bond, President of Xbox. Comments under her post reflect deep dissatisfaction with Microsoft's current strategy:

  • "You can ignore them and ignore us... But we won’t go away."
  • "Give me one good reason to buy an Xbox Series X instead of a PS5."
  • "Then what’s the point of owning an Xbox?"
  • "Sad that you're ignoring all Xbox fans... I’ve been a fan since the 360 and think the Series X will be my last Xbox."
  • "You have betrayed us, Xbox fans."

Some fans blame Microsoft not for the potential release of their games on competing platforms but for the lack of clarity and transparency, while others see this move as an opportunity for more players to enjoy Xbox Game Studios games. Nonetheless, most agree that Xbox will remain attractive as long as the Game Pass subscription exists, allowing them to try new games on their release day.