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Forza Motorsport - New Horizons of Graphics and Technologies in Turn 10's Update

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Forza Motorsport by Turn 10 is undergoing a series of changes and updates, making the game's graphics even more realistic. Beyond the visual polish of the vehicles, the developers also focus on other important aspects of the game.

The latest video from Digital Foundry reveals many of the new technologies that have been implemented in the game. Special attention is given to 3D rendering of vegetation, the dynamic weather and lighting system, and the advanced tire interaction physics with the road. An interesting point is that Turn 10 actively leverages the expertise of the Playground Games team, developers of Forza Horizon.

In terms of graphics, the primary focus is on ray tracing. Reflections and shading are already in place, but global illumination with ray tracing is yet to be added. Despite this, Turn 10 assures players that this technology will be introduced in a future update.

For players using the Xbox Series X, there are three distinct visual modes available. Players can choose between modes that emphasize performance or graphic quality, each with its own characteristics in terms of screen resolution and frame rate.