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Helldivers 2 Sets New Record on Steam: A Pinnacle Achievement for Sony

In the realm of Sony's PC releases on the Steam platform, a new milestone has been reached with Arrowhead Game Studios' Helldivers 2 setting a record among the company's previous games by gathering more than 119,000 concurrent online players. This significantly surpasses the prior record held by the port of God of War, which peaked at 73,529 players. The success of Helldivers 2 is particularly remarkable considering the game exceeded the 100,000-player mark within the first few days after launch, demonstrating not only high interest from the audience but also significant growth in popularity.

To ensure stable gameplay and player satisfaction, Arrowhead Game Studios released update 01.000.004 aimed at fixing initial issues, including game crashes and difficulties in matchmaking. This underscores the developers' commitment to supporting and evolving the game by adding new content and improvements.

Helldivers 2, available on PC and PlayStation 5, continues to receive positive feedback from the community thanks to its dynamic gameplay, cooperative missions, and strategy. With promises of free future content, including new biomes, enemies, storylines, and more, the game is expected to keep attracting new players and retain the interest of the current audience.

This record-breaking launch highlights Sony's growing success on the PC platform, expanding horizons and offering players even more quality and engaging content.