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Indiana Jones and the Great Circle: A First Look at id Tech 8 in Action

The highly anticipated reveal of "Indiana Jones and the Great Circle" by Bethesda and MachineGames recently took place, showcasing a wealth of first-person gameplay and insights into the game's story and approach. However, the presentation left some questions unanswered, particularly regarding who voices Indiana Jones and the technology behind the game. These questions have now been addressed.

id Tech 8 2

According to Entertainment Weekly, Troy Baker is the voice behind Indiana Jones. Jerk Gustafsson, the creative director of MachineGames, highlighted Baker's suitability for the role due to his admiration for the Indiana Jones series and his contribution to the game's story.

The trailer also introduced a new character, resistance journalist Gina Lombardi, voiced by Alessandra Mastronardi. The game's main antagonist, Emmerich Voss, voiced by Marios Gavrilis, is in pursuit of the same secrets as Indiana Jones.

id Tech 8 1

A critical detail emerged when Digital Foundry spotted an id Software icon on a MachineGames developer's computer during Xbox Direct, suggesting the game is built on the id Tech engine. Recent job listings indicated that id Software has been developing the latest version of their engine, id Tech 8, hinting that this might be our first glimpse of it in use.