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Marvel's Blade Game Development Suggested to Be on Void Engine According to LinkedIn Profile

Information from a LinkedIn profile suggests that the adventure action game Marvel's Blade, developed by Microsoft and Arkane Studios Lyon, is being built on the Void Engine. This detail was found in the resume of Nyasha Karata, a senior programmer at Arkane Studios, mentioning the use of C++ in the game's development. Karata is involved in crafting gameplay mechanics and systems, collaborating with the design team to implement their creative visions.

Void Engine

Additionally, the LinkedIn profile of Dana Nightingale, the campaign director for Marvel's Blade at Arkane Studios Lyon, indicates that the game's development began in January 2022, with Nightingale leading the level design team. While the use of Void Engine, which was previously used for Dishonored 2 and Deathloop, has not been officially confirmed, there is no evidence of a switch to alternative engines like Unreal Engine 5.