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New Call of Duty: Black Ops Gulf War to Introduce Open World and Gameplay Innovations

The upcoming addition to the Call of Duty series, Black Ops Gulf War, scheduled for release in October 2024, is set to bring significant changes to the franchise, including a shift towards an open-world format. Gaming industry expert Tom Henderson has unveiled details about the upcoming game, citing reliable sources.

Black Ops Gulf War

In the new installment of Call of Duty, players can expect a campaign set in an open world, reminiscent of some missions in Modern Warfare 3. Unlike previous entries in the series that reused locations and decorations from Modern Warfare 2, Black Ops Gulf War will feature biomes developed from scratch.

According to Henderson, the game will incorporate elements typical of the Far Cry series, offering players the opportunity to explore vast maps using various vehicles and to utilize a fast travel system. Despite these innovations, the game will also retain classic linear missions.

Raven Software is in charge of developing the narrative component of the game, while Treyarch Games has been tasked with working on the zombie mode, promising to diversify the gameplay and add new elements to the familiar Call of Duty formula.

Black Ops Gulf War is expected to provide players with a unique experience and a fresh perspective on the series through a combination of open-world exploration and traditional missions, expanding the boundaries of what's possible within the franchise and promising a noticeably refreshed gameplay experience.