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Rockstar Games Announces GTA VI Trailer Release Date: Return to Vice City

Rockstar Games has officially confirmed the release date of the first trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI as December 5th. This announcement has generated significant excitement among fans of the series who have been eagerly awaiting updates.

gta 6 02

The trailer release date was announced by the company on social media. The accompanying tweet featured an image of palm trees against a sunset backdrop, hinting at a return to Vice City, the iconic city from previous installments of the series.

It appears that the new game will be set in a city inspired by Miami, bringing fans back to the much-loved Vice City. This has sparked a lot of discussion and speculation within the gaming community.

The trailer is scheduled to be released at 9 AM Eastern Time (ET), which corresponds to 5 PM Moscow time. This timing was chosen to cater to a broad global audience.

While the details of the storyline and gameplay of GTA VI remain unknown, the game is expected to bring innovations and fresh ideas to the series, while maintaining its classic style and spirit of adventure.