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Starfield Reaches New Heights: 12 Million Players and Counting

At the recent CCXP event in São Paulo, Brazil, Phil Spencer, CEO of Microsoft Gaming, took the stage with exciting news about Bethesda's Starfield. Following his comments on the recent price increase of the Xbox Series S in LATAM countries, Spencer shifted focus to the remarkable success of Starfield. The game, a sci-fi roleplaying adventure, has achieved a staggering milestone, surpassing 12 million players since its launch, placing it firmly in the top 10 most-played games from their studios.


The journey of Starfield has been nothing short of astronomical. From its early access launch, it captured gamers' imaginations worldwide, hitting six million players in just one week. By September 20, this number had soared to ten million, a testament to the game's captivating appeal and Bethesda's reputation for immersive storytelling.

As of late October, Starfield had crossed 11 million players, a figure confirmed in Microsoft's earnings report. These milestones not only highlight the game's widespread popularity but also its potential to become a long-lasting favorite among the gaming community.

Reflecting on the success, Spencer compared Starfield to Bethesda's iconic Skyrim, expressing confidence that Starfield, with its expansive universe and upcoming 'Shattered Space' expansion, would captivate players for years to come. He also mentioned the release of modding tools slated for 2024, promising a new realm of creativity and exploration for gamers.

As anticipation builds for the Shattered Space expansion and the modding tools, the gaming world looks forward with excitement. Although specific release dates are yet to be announced, further details might be revealed at the upcoming Game Awards, keeping the Starfield community eagerly awaiting the next chapter in this interstellar saga.