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Timothy Chalamet Visits Kojima Productions: Potential Role in Death Stranding 2?

The recent visit of Timothy Chalamet, star of "Dune" and the upcoming "Willy Wonka," to the Kojima Productions office has sparked a flurry of online speculation. Social media users are suggesting that the actor might appear in the studio's new game, potentially as a character in the anticipated Death Stranding 2. These guesses are fueled by the studio's history of involving Hollywood actors in its projects.

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During his visit, Hideo Kojima, the legendary game designer and founder of the studio, took a traditional photo with Chalamet in front of the studio's mascot statue, Ludens. This ritual, customary for all celebrity guests of the studio, has further fueled speculation about possible collaboration.

Chalamet also left his autograph on the studio's celebrity board, which already features signatures from other notable figures including Nicolas Cage and former PlayStation head Jim Ryan. This has become another topic for discussion about Kojima Productions' future projects.

Chalamet's visit has generated a wave of speculation among fans and gaming industry analysts. His presence at the studio is expected to be linked to a new game, with many hoping to see him in Death Stranding 2.