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GeForce 6500


The reference version of the GeForce 6500 video card assumed the use of 128 MB of GDDR-2 memory, which operates at a frequency of 666 MHz DDR.

Specifications NVIDIA GeForce 6500
Name GeForce 6500
Core NV44
Process technology (µm) 0.11
Transistors (million) 77
Core frequency 400
Memory frequency (DDR) 350 (700)
Bus and memory type GDDR1 64 Bit
Bandwidth (Gb/s) 5.6
Pixel pipelines 4
TMU per conveyor 1
textures per clock 4
textures per pass 4
Vertex conveyors 3
Pixel Shaders 3.0
Vertex Shaders 3.0
Fill Rate (Mpix/s) 800
Fill Rate (Mtex/s) 1600
DirectX 9.0c
Anti-Aliasing (Max) SS&MS - 8x
Anisotropic Filtering (Max) 16x
Memory 128
Interface PCI-E/AGP
RAMDAC 2x400

In comparison with the nearest competitor X550, it lost little to him in terms of performance. The GeForce 6500 might appeal to nVidia's cutting-edge technology enthusiasts who weren't keen on high-resolution games. Performance suffered from a narrow memory bus, and this problem can only be solved by choosing a different graphics card.