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GeForce 6800

The most affordable sixth-generation high-segment card from NVIDIA. Prices for this model, sometimes, turned out to be even lower than the recommended mark of 9. However, this card is equipped with a very slow memory by those standards, operating at a frequency of only 350 (700) MHz, which led to a paradoxical situation - the card, in some cases, turned out to be slower than GeForce FX 5950 Ultra despite more advanced architecture, 12 pixel pipelines and ShaderModel3.0 support.
Specifications NVIDIA GeForce 6800

Name GeForce 6800
Core NV41/NV42
Process technology (µm) 0.13/0.11
Transistors (million) 190
Core frequency 325
Memory frequency (DDR) 350 (700)
Bus and memory type GDDR1 256 Bit
Bandwidth (Gb/s) 22.4
Pixel pipelines 12
TMU per conveyor 1
textures per clock 12
textures per pass 12
Vertex conveyors 5
Pixel Shaders 3.0
Vertex Shaders 3.0
Fill Rate (Mpix/s) 3900
Fill Rate (Mtex/s) 3900
DirectX 9.0c
Anti-Aliasing (Max) SS&MS - 8x
Anisotropic Filtering (Max) 16x
Memory 128
Interface PCI-E
RAMDAC 2x400