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AMD Advances Linux Support for Next-Gen RDNA 4 GPUs with Early Patch Releases

In a strategic shift towards better and earlier support for its upcoming GPU architectures, AMD has taken proactive steps to ensure that its next-gen RDNA 4 GPUs, designated as GFX12, receive comprehensive Linux support well ahead of their official release. This move marks a significant change in AMD’s approach to Linux support, historically criticized for lagging behind competitors in terms of pre-launch preparation.


Recent reports from Phoronix indicate that AMD’s Linux team has released a series of new patches targeted at the AMDGPU kernel, aimed at facilitating RDNA 4 architecture support. These updates include the introduction of new "IP blocks," enhancing basic functionalities such as ATHUB 4.1, LSDMA 7.0, IH 7.0, and HDP 7.0, which are crucial for improved data management and internal communication.

While these latest patches primarily focus on foundational instruction support without revealing specific details about the upcoming GPU lineup, they lay the groundwork for future enhancements. The anticipation for RDNA 4 GPUs continues to build, with glimpses of the architecture already spotted in various databases, including LLVM-Project notes, indicating AMD’s commitment to catching up with next-gen support on Linux.

The initiative to roll out these fundamental patches suggests AMD’s resolve to offer "complete" RDNA 4 GPU support before the product launch, a departure from previous instances where initial Linux support was introduced only months before the official release. These patches are expected to be merged in time for Linux 6.9, aligning with the projected debut timeline for RDNA 4 GPUs.

This proactive approach by AMD demonstrates the company’s dedication to improving its standing in the Linux community and ensuring its future architectures are well-supported at launch, signaling a new era of commitment to timely and efficient Linux support for its gaming and professional GPU products.