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AMD Encounters Promotion Challenges Amidst Rigid Marketing Tactics by Competitors

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The company Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is going through a challenging period in its development, especially in the context of promoting its products in the market. The harsh reality of competitive strife manifested in the decline of the company's market share, which became particularly noticeable after the second quarter of 2022. Competitors, such as Intel, do not miss the opportunity to strengthen their positions, while AMD is trying to stay afloat in these turbulent waters.

The financial indicators for the first quarter of 2023 reflected a sharp decline in consumer chip sales by 65%, which led to a loss of 172 million dollars. This is a heavy blow for the company, which aspired to solidify its reputation as one of the leaders in the field of high-performance processors and video cards.

Moreover, the uncertainty of the economic situation creates additional difficulties for forecasting the future of AMD. The strong demand for the company's products remains, however, how long this will last in the current economic conditions is an open question.

The marketing strategy proposed by AMD was aimed at expanding growth in the segment of high-performance and adaptive computing products. However, despite strategic plans, the company faces difficulty in achieving its goals in the face of stiff competition.

It's worth noting that NVIDIA leads a more rigid PR policy of its products, actively promoting them and holding leading positions in the market. This active marketing policy, undoubtedly, creates additional problems for AMD in attempts to assert itself and retain its market share.

AMD has entered a phase that requires rethinking and possibly, adjustment of the marketing strategy for successful promotion of its products and strengthening positions in the market in the future.