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AMD Initiates Mass Production of Zen 5 "Granite Ridge" CPUs for Next-Gen Ryzen

According to hardware insider @Kepler_L2, AMD's next-generation Ryzen CPUs, codenamed "Granite Ridge" and powered by the Zen 5 core architecture, have officially entered mass production. The anticipated release for these processors is set for the second half of 2024. Zen 5 architecture promises enhanced performance and efficiency, featuring a re-pipelined front-end and wide issue capabilities, along with integrated AI and machine learning optimizations. Notably, these CPUs will be compatible with the AM5 desktop platform and existing 600-series motherboards.

Granite Ridge

Experts point out that AMD, adhering to its official roadmap, plans to unveil the new Ryzen lineup in the latter half of 2024, coinciding with Intel's launch of Arrow Lake-S Desktop CPUs on the new LGA 1851 socket. AMD gains a competitive edge by introducing desktop CPUs with NPU (Neural Processing Unit) support ahead of Intel. For prospective buyers considering the AM5 platform, it's essential to note AMD's commitment to supporting the AM5 socket until at least 2025, showcasing a strong dedication similar to the successful 7+ years of support on the AM4 platform. Additionally, the Zen 5 core architecture is set to make its way to the next-gen Ryzen laptop family, codenamed Strix Point, with an expected release in 2025.