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ASUS announces the start of sales of the ProArt LC 420 liquid cooling system.


The ProArt LC 420 liquid cooling system is designed for creators seeking high performance, low noise levels, and exquisite style. The LCS is equipped with a powerful three-phase pump and Noctua IndustrialPPC fans, and the illuminated counter on the pump cover provides current system statistics in the brand's minimalist ProArt style for quick real-time information review.

Premium Performance

Being one of the few 420-mm liquid cooling systems on the market, ProArt LC 420 can provide the most powerful cooling. Thanks to three radiator fans Noctua NF-A14 industrialPPC-2000 PWM 140 mm, the airflow is formed and distributed almost silently.

The synergy of high performance and low noise level extends to many other elements of ProArt LC 420. The premium-class three-phase pump ensures smooth and uniform heat transfer to the radiator, and the radiator itself is thicker than usual, creating an additional reserve of cooling liquid so that the fans and motor do not have to work excessively.

The 420-mm LCS is designed for placement in cases of different sizes, so ProArt LC 420 also has a 450-mm reinforced tube with sleeves, which provides durability and the necessary flexibility for various setups.


Style Instead of RGB lighting, which could distract the visual content creator from work, ProArt LC 420 contains only a minimalist counter with lighting on the pump cover, divided into segments representing different fan speeds, temperature indicators, or system loads. With this illuminated counter, the user can quickly check the cooling efficiency of their system. These settings can also be found in Armory Crate.

The new ProArt LC 420 is now available for purchase in official partner stores.