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ASUS Initiates Support for AMD's Upcoming "Zen 5" CPUs with New BIOS Update

ASUS is paving the way for the next generation of AMD processors, codenamed "Granite Ridge", by releasing a BIOS update with AGESA for its AM5 motherboards. This move is a precursor to the official launch of AMD’s "Zen 5" core architecture CPUs. The update not only enhances support for up to 256GB of DDR5 memory but also marks an early embrace of the Zen 5 architecture, signifying a leap towards more robust and efficient computing capabilities.

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The BIOS update spans across several ASUS AM5 motherboard models, including the ROG CROSSHAIR X670E and ROG STRIX X670E series, fortifying the hardware foundation for the forthcoming AMD CPUs. The transition to AGESA also reflects a shift in the firmware naming convention to FireRangePi, aligning with the mobility SKU family that shares the Zen 5 desktop dies, further consolidating the groundwork for Granite Ridge "AMD Ryzen" processors.

Engineering samples of the Granite Ridge family, recognized under the "00B40Fxx" ID, have begun circulating, hinting at imminent 8-core and 6-core variants. These developments indicate that motherboard manufacturers are in possession of early Zen 5 "Ryzen" test samples from AMD, facilitating preliminary support and fine-tuning of BIOS configurations to iron out initial kinks and enhance platform stability.

Anticipation is building for the official debut of the AMD Zen 5 "Granite Ridge" Ryzen CPU family, expected to take center stage at Computex 2024. With AMD poised to deliver the keynote at the event, the industry is buzzing with expectations of significant advancements in performance, efficiency, and integrated AI and machine learning capabilities within the Zen 5 architecture.