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ASUS ROG Ally Undergoes Upgrade: Doubled Memory and Faster LPDDR5X Speed

ROG Ally 32GB

The ASUS ROG Ally handheld console, popular among gamers, has received a custom modification by SlickBuys Mods and Repairs, significantly enhancing its performance. Initially equipped with 16 GB of LPDDR5 memory at 6400 MT/s, the modded version now boasts LPDDR5X memory with a capacity of 32 GB and a speed of 7500 MT/s. This breakthrough in modding opens new possibilities for enhancing portable gaming systems.

The modification involves replacing four memory modules and reprogramming the BIOS chip to support the updated capacity and speed. Although exact performance improvement data is lacking, significant enhancements, especially in games using the integrated AMD Phoenix RDNA3 graphics, are expected. However, it's important to note that such a modification requires specialized skills and equipment, and also voids the device's warranty.

These upgrades highlight the trend towards DIY modifications in the portable device industry, similar to modern laptops.