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Bitcoin Surpasses $42,000, Crypto Market Cap Exceeds $1.55 Trillion Amid AI Boom and Potential GPU Shortage

Bitcoin has recently achieved a significant milestone, surpassing the $42,000 mark for the first time since May 2022, setting a new annual high. This resurgence in Bitcoin's value coincides with rising hopes in the US for an earlier reduction in interest rates, as indicated by Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell's statements. Additionally, rumors about the potential approval of Bitcoin ETFs by the SEC in January next year have further fueled the market's optimism.

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This upward trend in Bitcoin has led to a market shakeup, with Coinglass analysts noting that nearly $85 million worth of liquidations occurred during this price surge, predominantly from the closure of short positions. Following Bitcoin's peak at $42,000, a mass sell-off caused its price to revert to around $41,000. This movement was mirrored by other cryptocurrencies, leading to the liquidation of numerous long positions. However, indicators suggest that this upward trend may persist for an extended period.

The broader crypto market is experiencing its highest values since spring 2022, with major cryptocurrencies reaching new annual highs. This universal growth has propelled the total market capitalization to $1.55 trillion, a record high for 2023. These market dynamics are expected to significantly elevate Bitcoin's value and attract retail investors' attention to the crypto industry.

Meanwhile, the recent surge in Bitcoin and the overall crypto market could impact the GPU market, especially amidst the ongoing AI boom. Nvidia is experiencing a massive demand for its GPUs, which are well-suited for AI tasks, leading to a potential shortage and price hikes. This demand is particularly high in China, where Nvidia's modified AI-capable chips are in great demand. Prices for some Nvidia models have soared up to $36,500. This AI-driven demand, coupled with the potential continuation of the crypto market's upward trend, could lead to further strains on the GPU supply, echoing the previous shortages caused by cryptocurrency mining.