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Handbrake Enhances Encoding Performance with Support for Current-Gen GPUs

The competition between NVIDIA and AMD in encoding performance remains intense, with NVIDIA maintaining a lead due to higher AV1 encoding speeds. AMD is expected to accelerate its efforts in this area to compete with NVIDIA, especially as Handbrake becomes more accessible to professionals and enthusiasts in the media industry.

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In the latest 1.70 update, Handbrake has made significant improvements in encoding performance. These enhancements include faster HEVC decoding, a 30% speed increase in the bwdif filter, and improvements in SVT-AV1, providing up to a fourfold increase in performance.

Handbrake now supports AMD VCN and NVIDIA NVENC AV1 codecs. This update significantly enhances the video encoding process, especially for users of modern GPUs from AMD and NVIDIA, making Handbrake an even more attractive tool for media professionals.

Before utilizing Handbrake's new capabilities, installing the latest GPU drivers is recommended. This ensures a smoother encoding process and fully leverages the benefits of the updated software.

Handbrake, a popular open-source interface for video conversion, has significantly expanded its capabilities with support for current-generation GPUs. This update makes Handbrake an even more powerful tool for professional content creators, allowing them to utilize the high-performance video encoding abilities of current-gen GPUs.