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Lisa Su: From AMD Crisis to Billionaire Status

Transforming into one of the most successful businesswomen in the USA, AMD's CEO Lisa Su has joined the ranks of American billionaires who started from scratch. According to Forbes, her fortune now exceeds $1.1 billion, a testament to her leadership and strategic development of the company. Approximately $700 million of this amount is attributed to her ownership of AMD shares, in addition to Su's active investment activities and her role on the Cisco board of directors.

liza su

Since taking over as AMD's CEO about ten years ago, Lisa Su faced the challenge of pulling the company out of a crisis. Until 2016, the company's stock prices fluctuated within the range of $2 to $4 per share. However, thanks to management efforts and an innovative policy, by the end of the reporting period, they reached $172.48. This represents more than a twofold increase in stock value over the last 12 months, reflecting the company's successful development and growth in the global market.

In the context of AMD's successes, it's interesting to note the dynamics of NVIDIA's development, where CEO Jensen Huang also shows significant wealth growth, now valued at over $60 billion. This indicates high competitiveness and innovative potential in the high-tech sector.

Lisa Su's story serves as an inspiring example of how determination, professionalism, and strategic vision can transform a company and lead it to global leadership in technology. Her personal success confirms the importance of women in technical and managerial roles on the global stage.