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NVIDIA and Intel Reign Supreme in Steam's Hardware Survey, RTX 3060 Tops the Charts

Steam's latest hardware survey has reaffirmed NVIDIA's dominance in the gaming market with the GeForce RTX 3060 emerging as the most popular GPU among gamers. According to the March 2024 data, NVIDIA GPUs are preferred by 78% of Steam's user base, outpacing AMD and Intel GPUs, which hold 14.64% and 7.24% shares, respectively.

Steam Hardware

Despite the introduction of newer models like the RTX 4060, the RTX 3060 continues to be in production and command significant market presence, thanks to its affordability and availability, including in the second-hand market. The RTX 3060's popularity is followed by older models like the RTX 2060 and GTX 1650, indicating gamers' preference for proven, cost-effective graphics solutions.

On the CPU front, Intel maintains a strong lead with a 68.07% market share, while AMD has made significant inroads, capturing 31.93% of the market with its Ryzen series. The survey also highlighted that six-core processors are the most prevalent among gamers, accounting for 35.69% of the user base, demonstrating the ongoing demand for multi-core computing power in gaming.

The survey provides insightful data into the gaming community's hardware preferences, showing a strong inclination towards NVIDIA's GPUs and Intel's CPUs, alongside an appreciation for the value and performance offered by slightly older but reliable hardware models in the gaming ecosystem.