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NVIDIA Rolls Out New Driver: Optimized for Alan Wake 2 and Supports Fresh Titles

NVIDIA has unveiled the latest Game Ready driver (version 545.92), ensuring an enhanced gaming experience. Notably, the update offers support for Ghostrunner 2, which, to many's surprise, integrates NVIDIA DLSS 3, despite earlier mentions of just DLSS 2. Additionally, three titles now benefit from the automatic settings optimization via GeForce Experience.

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The highlight of this driver release centers around its optimization for Remedy Entertainment's Alan Wake 2, slated for release tomorrow. Garnering high accolades from critics, it stands out as a top-tier title in the survival horror genre. Particularly, with NVIDIA DLSS 3.5 and Path Tracing technologies in place, the game boasts impeccable graphics. It's worth noting that even the most potent GPUs, like the 4090, require tweaks to ensure steady FPS at ultra settings.