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NVIDIA RTX 4080 Super Faces Power Connection Issues

A sample of the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080 Super video card from a third-party manufacturer, which was sent to the technology site Igor's Lab for review, has highlighted a potential issue in its assembly. The main concern was related to the power adapter featuring a defective 12V2x6 connector, raising alarms among users and experts alike.


Upon detailed examination, it was found that the PCI-SIG specifications do not set precise dimensions for this type of connector, giving video card manufacturers too much leeway in interpretation. This led to the power adapter, included with some video cards, connecting to the socket without the characteristic click that indicates a secure connection, making it prone to easily disconnect.

The problem does not appear to be widespread, but it has caused significant concern regarding the quality and reliability of components used in the production of next-generation video cards. Experts recommend users pay close attention to the quality of the power cable connections to their video card and ensure its reliability before use.

Igor's Lab conducted a comparative analysis with an adapter from the GeForce RTX 4080 Founders Edition, produced by NVIDIA itself, and discovered that the issue likely lies in the thickness of the nickel coating on the contacts, which hindered a secure connection.

This incident highlights the need for stricter adherence to quality standards and manufacturing norms in the video card market to avoid such issues in the future and ensure the safety and reliability of computer hardware for users.