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Questions Arise for Sony: PlayStation 5 Pro and AI Upscaling without AMD Collaboration?

Amid recent rumors, the video game industry faces new challenges and inquiries, particularly regarding the evolution of console technologies. At the forefront of the debate is the anticipated release of Sony's PlayStation 5 Pro, which is rumored to include an advanced AI image upscaling feature. However, according to insider information from Kepler, a well-known AMD analyst, Sony's approach to implementing this feature raises questions.

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Kepler emphasizes that contrary to expectations, Sony does not plan to utilize neural computing blocks in the Viola APU, the core of PlayStation 5. Instead, the company has turned to gfx11/12 WMMA intrinsics implemented on the graphical accelerator, not the central processing unit. This choice brings into question the effectiveness and innovation of the promised AI upscaling feature, as specialized neural blocks are considered key to such technologies.

Furthermore, Kepler expresses skepticism regarding Sony's decision to develop independently of AMD, given that collaboration could have enhanced and expedited the process of developing and implementing AI upscaling. This decision seems odd, considering the long-standing partnership between the two companies in developing gaming consoles.

Nonetheless, the primary goal of the PlayStation 5 Pro, according to rumors, is to provide players with the ability to enjoy games at 4K quality at 120 frames per second. Image enhancement through AI is a key part of this strategy, making Sony's technological choice even more significant.

In conclusion, as the public awaits official announcements and details from Sony, questions arise about how these decisions will affect the final product and its market reception. Will the PlayStation 5 Pro truly deliver the promised image quality and gaming experience, or will these technological compromises prove too significant? Answers to these questions will become clear only with the console's release, expected later this year.