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Unsolicited HP Smart App Appears on Windows PCs, Concerns Users

Users of Windows 10 and Windows 11 are encountering an unexpected issue – the HP Smart app is installing itself without their permission. This phenomenon has caused confusion and concern, particularly among those who have no HP devices.

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Microsoft has taken notice of the user complaints and is currently investigating the cause of this unsolicited installation. The company has not yet provided a detailed explanation, but they are expected to address the issue soon.

The situation is further complicated by reports that the app is not just appearing on physical computers, but also on virtual machines. This has happened even after fresh installations of Windows, adding to the users' surprise.

This incident raises broader questions about the security and autonomy of Windows updates. The automatic inclusion of third-party applications without user consent is a significant concern for many.

As the situation unfolds, the Windows user community is eagerly awaiting further clarification from Microsoft. The resolution of this issue will be crucial in maintaining trust in the Windows ecosystem.