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Updated ASUS ROG Ally, Save $100 with the New Processor

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The ASUS ROG Ally, a popular portable PC, is now available in a budget version priced at $600. This move was intended to make the product accessible to a broader audience. While core specifications like the 7-inch 1080p screen, LPDDR5 16GB memory, and 512GB NVMe storage remain the same, the main difference is in the processor.

The original version featured the AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme processor, whereas the new model comes with the basic AMD Ryzen Z1 chip. In terms of graphics performance: the original has 12 computational units delivering 8.29 teraflops, while the new version has only 4 computational units with 2.86 teraflops. Thanks to this compromise, the device's price has been reduced by $100, making the new ASUS ROG Ally more attractive to budget-conscious users.