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NVIDIA Considers the PC Gaming Market its Priority

Everyone knows that NVIDIA is one of the largest players in the discrete graphics market, and recently the company has been increasingly focusing on the fact that the PC market is one of its priorities. The company has recently refocused on the PC market, and we'll provide key excerpts from its introductions.


The first thing that can be said with certainty is that the share of the placement of the company in the market is constantly growing. At the moment, the company occupies 66% of the discrete market. AMD is content with 33%. During the year, the company increased its share by 10%.


Everyone knows that NVIDIA does not present its equipment in any of the new generation consoles, but even despite this, the company does not lose its optimism. According to the company's calculations, the GTX 680 is 1.5 times more productive than the next generation PS4 console, and the GTX TITAN is 2.5 times. The new XboX One was not taken into account due to the fact that its graphics subsystem is almost 2 times weaker than PS4.


According to NVIDIA statistics, it is personal computers that make up the main share of the PC market, which is no less than 48%. And according to forecasts, this trend will not weaken and the gaming market for personal computers continues to grow.


Now let's talk about NVIDIA support in the development of new games. Everyone has already heard that AMD is pursuing a rather aggressive policy in this regard, but the Californian company also does not sit still and promises to launch very high-quality products with its support in the near future:

splinter cell_blacklist_2013-HD 

Splinter Cell: Blacklist : Coming this August. The game promises to support enhanced DirectX 11 features, tessellation, TXAA anti-aliasing mode and improved HBAO lighting method


Batman: Arkham Origins : Coming out this October, it shares the same visuals as Batman: Arkham City. The game will support enhanced DirectX 11 features, tessellation, TXAA anti-aliasing mode, as well as NVIDIA PhysX technology

 Assassins Creed IV Black Flag

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag : It will also have graphics comparable to Assassin's Creed 3. The game will support DirectX 11 enhanced features, tessellation and TXAA anti-aliasing mode.


Watch Dogs : the presence of this game in the list of supported by NVIDIA is somewhat surprising, because, as you know, this game will also be supported by AMD. Watch Dogs will support enhanced DirectX 11 features, tessellation and TXAA anti-aliasing mode. We are very pleased that, most likely, SLI support will be implemented at the start of the game, because this will be very relevant for the next generation game.


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt : this game claims to be the best in its genre, not only due to its fun gameplay, but also cutting-edge graphics. The Witcher 3 will support enhanced DirectX 11 features, tessellation, TXAA anti-aliasing, FXAA, and NVIDIA PhysX technology.

Well, as we can see, NVIDIA is not going to give up its positions. The PC game market continues to grow, especially in the digital distribution of games, which has many advantages in its favor, such as more affordable price for game content and better graphics.

It is also worth noting that the global decline in PC sales did not affect gaming solutions, which are still in good demand and even show a slight increase in sales.

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