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A PC running the Diablo IV Beta consumes up to 27 GB of RAM with 8 GB of video memory available on the graphics card.

Friends, today we will talk about the beta version of the game Diablo IV Beta. Someone may ask: "What kind of game is this?" We answer: "This is the fourth part of the legendary Diablo series, which is long-awaited on June 6 this year."


So, now that we have clarified what will be discussed, we can move on to testing. Well, in terms of video cards and processors, the game showed its best side and allows you to enjoy high performance and decent FPS.


But the game has problems with memory. It simply wipes the nose of all competitors, consuming up to 20 gigabytes of video memory! And if your video card is limited to only 8 gigabytes of video memory, then the consumption of RAM jumps to 27 gigabytes! This, of course, is very upsetting.


By the way, if your computer has only 16 gigabytes of RAM, then the game starts to resort to the services of the paging file, which negatively affects its stability, often leading to crashes.

So, let's not make hasty conclusions yet, because this is just a beta version. Let's see what the final version will offer us on June 6th. But it is worth noting that in the release version of the game it is planned to add ray tracing, and this may negatively affect performance.

In any case, we are looking forward to the release of Diablo IV and hope that it will delight us not only with epic gameplay, but also with the optimal performance of our hardware.