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Full Set for Pro Gamers: Why You Should Consider Building Your Gaming Accessories from a Single Manufacturer

Often on streams, we notice that the presenter uses one set of gaming peripherals. That is, the keyboard, mouse, headset, pad - all from one brand. One of the commentators writes sacred for YouTube "yeah, sold out!". Someone thinks that this is done for the sake of fashion and beautiful design. But in fact, there is a sense to collect a "full set" of one manufacturer, and considerable. Today we will talk about this using the current line of Epic Gear gaming accessories as an example.

Epic Gear Thunderous

Thunderouz's "loud" stereo headset features very deep and detailed sound thanks to extra-large 50mm drivers and an EG-Amplifier. Epic Gear Thunderouz also received a mechanical "Music-Game" audio switch, since headphones for listening to music should sound different than gaming ones.


You can wear Epic Gear Thunderouz on your head for a very long time, as these are closed-type headphones with full-size soft ear cushions with a “memory effect”. That is, the ear pads fit under the structure of the ears, keep their shape and do not press. The headband is also made of soft materials and does not squeeze the upper part of the wearer's head.


The durable 4mm thick X-braided cable is highly resistant to kinks and easily handles any household adventure. Its length is three meters, so you can move away from the computer directly with a headset on your head.


The headset has a high-quality flexible microphone for chats on Discord or TeamSpeak, which is easily turned off when you lift it up. It is very convenient if you need to abruptly cut off the connection. The microphone is unidirectional, so it practically does not pick up extraneous sounds.


And only now we notice that the Epic Gear Thunderouz also has a backlight. LEDs are built into the outer side of the earcups. There is also a touch panel that switches backlight modes. Thus, the Epic Gear Thunderouz headset sounds very good, wears well on the head, is reliable and looks beautiful. A great combat assistant for any gamer!

Epic Gear Morpha

The Morpha manipulator got its name for the ability to adjust to the tastes of the owner. Included with the mouse is a set of four weights, each 5 grams. With their help, a 110-gram "rodent" can fatten up to 130 grams - especially for those who are used to heavy manipulators.


The shape of the mouse is symmetrical, but the company emphasizes that Epic Gear Morpha is addressed specifically to right-handers. This is due to the fact that she has two buttons on her left side that fit perfectly under the thumb of her right hand.


In total, Morpha has seven buttons with durable switches, six of which can be reconfigured in a proprietary program. Macros are supported. Supports simultaneous configuration of five game profiles for different games. Also configurable are anchor angles, auto-calibrated lift distance, button allocation, DPI, gaming profiles, USB response time, and of course RGB LED lighting. Moreover, each game profile can have its own illumination style.


The mouse is equipped with a high-end optical sensor with support for 6400 DPI and its firmware (yes, even mice now need to be flashed) ensures very high cursor positioning accuracy and sensitivity. It's also interesting that one of the Epic Gear Morpha's buttons is responsible for blocking DPI, meaning you can't accidentally toggle it while playing.
In fact, the Epic Gear Morpha is great for adjusting perfectly to the tastes of the owner, and then not letting him down at a critical moment.

Epic Gear Defiant

The Epic Gear Defiant mechanical keyboard looks more like a sci-fi movie transformer than a gaming accessory. This is because it is fully customizable and has a bunch of additional modules for resting hands, hands, digital block, etc.

DeFiant A1 Website4

The Defiant is an almost eternal keyboard, as the modular-matrix structure of the EGMMS mechanical switches means that any button can be replaced. Switches can also be replaced and cleaned.

DeFiant A2 Website1

All keys have LED backlighting, which can be configured in the bundled software. As well as, in fact, the purpose of each key and the polling frequency (up to 1000 Hz).

DeFiant B5 Website1

Anyone who has ever tried to play on a mechanical keyboard will never go back to a cheap "membrane". And the Epic Gear Defiant offers not only comfortable keys with excellent travel, but also the ability to customize the keyboard, as well as, if necessary, disassemble and clean. Well, just a Kalashnikov assault rifle!

Case for Epic Gear Defiant

How to wear a keyboard and all the gadgets to the championships? Oh, here Epic Gear has two answers at once. The first of them is such a protected case for Defiant. The keyboard itself, tools for extracting buttons and all the main modules for it are placed in it.


Case 50CA

But this case already covers the entire ecosystem of Epic Gear. The 50CA case fits a keyboard with modules, a mouse, and a headset. Assembled such a nuclear suitcase - and forward to the eSports tournament!


So what gives a full set of one manufacturer?

On the example of the Epic Gear line, we see that the accessories of one manufacturer are united not only by the backlight and the general appearance, but also by one philosophy. In the case of Epic Gear, the philosophy of owner comfort and reliability. And this is important, a person gets used to this level of comfort (up to the ability to put all his toys in one cool case), and does not want to use something else. And this, in general, is completely logical and correct.