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Brief Review of AOC U32U1 - Truly Stunning Monitor

The AOC U32U1 monitor is suitable for both ordinary users and professionals. Both those and others will receive not only advanced from a technical point of view, but also a very beautiful outwardly device.

AOC U32U1 1


In this case, the review of the monitor should begin not with the technical characteristics (which are very good), but with the appearance, which is not just beautiful, but even great. No wonder, because the design of the monitor was developed by the Studio FA Porsche agency, founded in 1972 by Alexander Ferdinand Porsche, the grandson of the legendary auto designer.

The screen is mounted on a silver chrome tubular stand, with a very stable tripod underneath. A structure of two rectangles is fixed on it - a dark gray screen and a light gray panel to which all cables are connected. It turned out a very beautiful combination of colors that will appeal to people with high design requirements.

However, the design turned out not only beautiful, but also practical. The fact is that the screen can not only be tilted and adjusted in height (up to 120 mm), but also deployed in porter mode - the latter will be very useful for professionals working in the publishing industry. At the same time, it is the screen itself that unfolds, the panel with wires remains motionless, which is very convenient. If for some reason the stand is not needed, then you can hang the screen on the wall using VESA 100x100.

Be sure to mention also the very thin frame on all four edges of the screen. Thanks to this and a thin stand in the twilight, it may seem that the image seems to be hanging in the air. Not surprisingly, the monitor was awarded the Red Dot Award for a truly attractive design.

AOC U32U1 2 AOC U32U1 3

Technical component

As we said above, the model pleases not only externally, but also in terms of characteristics. First of all, we note a considerable diagonal of 31.5 inches (80 cm) and ultra-high resolution 4K (3840x2160 pixels, 4 times more than the "classic" Full HD). The monitor is built on the basis of an IPS-matrix, which provides excellent color reproduction and high brightness and contrast ratios.

With 10-bit color depth, the ability to display 1.07 billion colors and cover 100% of the AdobeRGB and 98% of DCI-P3 color space, all this (and more) makes the AOC U32U1 suitable for professional use, whether you work with photos or video. The manufacturer also emphasizes the presence of the VESA DisplayHDR 600 certificate. The refresh rate is 60 Hz, and the response time is 5 ms.

AOC U32U1 4

Cables, as mentioned earlier, connect to a separate panel located behind the screen. It offers the user video connectors HDMI 1.4, HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort 1.4, as well as a hub with three USB 3.2. There is also a standard 3.5mm headphone jack.

In addition, the monitor is equipped with a high-speed USB-C connector, which can be used for simultaneous video transmission and charging. The last opportunity will be especially appreciated by owners of laptops with the appropriate port, who will be able to use the cable to connect to the monitor also to recharge the battery (provided that the maximum load power does not exceed 65 W).

There are also two speakers of 2 watts each. But as it usually happens in such cases, they are rather an addition "just in case", they are not able to provide really high quality sound.

This whole structure weighs 10.3 kg (without packaging), which is very good, given the quality materials and dimensions of the device.

 AOC U32U1 5


Monitor AOC U32U1 can be advised to anyone who cares not only about advanced technical specifications, but also about the appearance of the device. This is a great solution, which, thanks to the efforts of designers from the famous agency, will look great in a variety of settings, whether it is a private apartment or a professional's desktop in an office space. According to the creators, such a device is designed to inspire its owner to create really worthwhile content.