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Radeon X600 XT

The same Radeon 9600XT with PCI-express bus


Specifications ATI Radeon X600 XT


Name Radeon X600XT
Core RV380
Process technology (µm) 0.13
Transistors (million) 75
Core frequency 500
Memory frequency (DDR) 370 (740)
Bus and memory type GDDR1-2 128 Bit
Bandwidth (Gb/s) 11.8
Pixel pipelines 4
TMU per conveyor 1
textures per clock 4
textures per pass 4
Vertex conveyors 2
Pixel Shaders 2.0
Vertex Shaders 2.0
Fill Rate (Mpix/s) 2000
Fill Rate (Mtex/s) 2000
DirectX 9.0
Anti-Aliasing (Max) MS-6x
Anisotropic Filtering (Max) 16x
Memory 256-128
Interface PCI-E
RAMDAC 2x400


Although it was positioned as a mid-range solution, it could not directly compete with the product from Nvidia 6600. The mid-range solution was destined to become the X700.