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Vice President and General Manager of AMD's Graphics Division, Scott Herkelman, to Depart the Company at Year's End

A significant announcement has come from the global leader in computing technology, AMD. Scott Herkelman, the Senior Vice President and General Manager of AMD's Graphics Business Unit, has announced his intention to leave the company by the end of this year.


Seven years ago, Herkelman began his career at AMD and became one of the key figures in the graphics technology industry. During his time at AMD, he led the development and launch of three generations of the RDNA graphics architecture, which is considered one of the most important in the world.

Scott Herkelman leaves a significant mark at AMD, and his departure is recognized as an important event in the industry. He expressed gratitude to his colleagues and wished the AMD Radeon team success in their future endeavors.

Following Herkelman's departure, his role will be assumed by Jack Huynh. Such leadership changes at AMD attract the attention of the entire industry, and there is anticipation regarding what changes the new leadership will bring.

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Updated ASUS ROG Ally, Save $100 with the New Processor

Screenshot 2023 05 03 at 14.54.26

The ASUS ROG Ally, a popular portable PC, is now available in a budget version priced at $600. This move was intended to make the product accessible to a broader audience. While core specifications like the 7-inch 1080p screen, LPDDR5 16GB memory, and 512GB NVMe storage remain the same, the main difference is in the processor.

The original version featured the AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme processor, whereas the new model comes with the basic AMD Ryzen Z1 chip. In terms of graphics performance: the original has 12 computational units delivering 8.29 teraflops, while the new version has only 4 computational units with 2.86 teraflops. Thanks to this compromise, the device's price has been reduced by $100, making the new ASUS ROG Ally more attractive to budget-conscious users.

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Nvidia Goes Weighty: 900 Tons of GPUs Sold in a Quarter!

Nvidia H100 Hopper card will be equipped with 120GB of video memory.1

In a world where everything's up for sale by the pound (or ton), Nvidia seems to have hopped onto the bandwagon in grand style. Reports indicate that the tech giant offloaded a whopping 900 tons of their H100 GPUs in the second quarter of 2023 alone. That’s a staggering 300,000 units! So, the next time you're running low on graphics cards, maybe it's time to stroll down to your local store and ask: "Half a kilo of H100, please!"

Analytics firm Omdia speculates that if Nvidia keeps this up, their GPUs might tip the scales at a colossal 3600 tons by the end of the year. Brace yourselves, gamers; you might just need to recalibrate your scales for your next purchase!

But jokes aside, the soaring sales underscore that the AI and GPU market is booming, with Nvidia unquestionably reigning supreme. Who knows? Maybe we're not too far off from a future where we truly do buy our graphics cards by the pound!

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Nintendo Switch 2: 1280 CUDA Cores, Ampere Architecture, and 8 Cortex A78 Cores

After Nintendo Switch 2's closed-door presentation at Gamescom 2023, rumors about the console's capabilities have swarmed the internet. Sources claim the Switch 2 showcased games at 4K 60 FPS and supported Ray Tracing and NVIDIA's DLSS technologies. A demonstration of the Unreal Engine 5 Matrix Awakens demo using NVIDIA DLSS 3.1 particularly drew attention.


In terms of technical specifications, the Nintendo Switch 2 is based on the T239 SOC (System-on-Chip) developed by NVIDIA. This chip encompasses 1280 Ampere CUDA cores and eight Cortex A78 Arm cores. What makes this chip unique is its foundation on the enhanced Samsung 8nm manufacturing process.

Thanks to insiders Kopite7kimi and Tech_Reve, we've learned of two chip manufacturing process versions: one based on Samsung 8nm and another on an enhanced version known as Samsung 7LPH.

Additionally, it's worth noting that the T239 may have locked or disabled SMs that could be activated in future iterations.

All in all, the new Nintendo Switch 2 console represents a significant upgrade from its predecessor, especially in the graphics department. The rumors confirm Nintendo's ambition to elevate the mobile gaming device experience, and we eagerly await the official announcement.

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Unity Introduces Controversial "Installation Fee": Developers Rally in Protest

Unity, a renowned game development platform, has ignited a wave of dissatisfaction among developers by initiating an "installation fee" starting from January 1st, 2024. Many believe this decision could endanger the economic viability of both large and small game studios.


A coalition of developers, encompassing industry giants like Azur Games, Voodoo, and Playgendary, along with numerous smaller studios, have decided to join forces. In protest, they're threatening to remove Unity’s advertising services such as IronSource and Unity Ads from their projects.

"This new move by Unity jeopardizes countless research and projects accomplished by our community. The ramifications of this decision could be devastating for the entire industry," the developer coalition's statement reads.

This move by Unity was made without industry consultation and has caught many game developers off guard. The ensuing disagreements and tensions between Unity and game developers could lead to significant shifts in the gaming landscape.

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Apple Elevates Mobile Gaming with iPhone 15 Pro Powered by A17 Pro Chipset


Apple has ushered in a revolutionary phase in mobile gaming by introducing hit titles such as Kojima Productions' Death Stranding and Capcom's remakes of Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil: Village on the iPhone 15 Pro. Fans of Ubisoft can also anticipate the release of Assassin's Creed: Mirage in early 2024. Highlighting the company's ambitions in the gaming sphere, Apple representatives confirmed that these mobile editions will mirror their console counterparts.

Such a remarkable achievement is made possible by the power of the new Apple A17 Pro chipset. Leveraging TSMC's pioneering 3nm process for the first time, this new chip boasts a 50% performance boost compared to its predecessor and also supports ray tracing, a technology previously exclusive to PCs and consoles.

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Switch 2 Outperforms PS5 and Xbox Series X|S: Insights from Gamescom 2023 Demo

nintendo switch 2 2922938

Buzz is building around the upcoming Nintendo Switch 2, rumored for a March 2024 reveal, as it reportedly showcases performance surpassing both PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. Insider NateTheHate provided details about "The Matrix Awakens" demo on the new device. According to him, it employs ray tracing more efficiently than its PS5 and Xbox Series X|S counterparts, thanks to NVIDIA DLSS 3.1 technology.

Moreover, the enhanced demo of "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" took everyone by surprise, rendering in 4K at 60fps without any loading interruptions.

While a new Nintendo Direct presentation is anticipated on September 14th, Switch 2 updates might still be kept under wraps.

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MSI Introduces Slimmer "GAMING SLIM" Variants of GeForce RTX 4090 & 4080


MSI has announced slimmer versions of its flagship GeForce RTX 4090 and 4080 graphics cards under the "GAMING SLIM" brand. This move caters to consumers desiring powerful GPUs in compact systems without compromising on performance.

The "GAMING SLIM" lineup is set to reduce the thickness from a four-slot to a three-slot form factor, allowing for installation even in the tiniest PC cases.

Technical specifications are quite promising: the GeForce RTX 4090 GAMING SLIM boasts a thickness of just 62mm, a 20% reduction from the original. The GPU also weighs in at 1.78 kg, facilitating easier builds and less "GPU sag" within the case.

Pricing details remain under wraps, but it's speculated to be on par with standard variants. White color enthusiasts will be pleased to know that an RTX 4080 GAMING SLIM in white will be available.

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ASUS Unveils Exclusive 'Evangelion' Themed GeForce RTX 4090

ASUS has expanded its product range to cater to "Neon Genesis Evangelion" anime enthusiasts. The product, heavily influenced by the Eva Unit-02 model, sports a vibrant red and orange color scheme.

download 728x728

The GeForce RTX 4090 OC EVA-02 Edition is now listed in the Chinese market with a hefty price tag of 17,999 RMB or around $2475, marking a $900 increase from its standard counterpart.

Despite the high price, anime fans will be acquiring not just a GPU but a true collector's piece due to its distinct design and branding.

While a global release isn't confirmed, ASUS typically doesn't limit its exclusive products to a single region. Potential buyers should brace themselves for the premium price and limited stock.

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Intel Gears Up for Raptor Lake Refresh Series Unveiling

Intel is gearing up to announce its latest Raptor Lake Refresh series processors, which are rumored to span an impressive range from 2 to 24 cores across over 27 models.

Raptor Lake Refresh

Of particular note is the speculated i9-14900KS model, which might hit clock speeds of up to 6.2 GHz, setting it up to be Intel's top performer. However, this powerhouse will come with a 150W TDP.

The K and KF variants are slated for a September 19th reveal at the Innovation event, while other models are expected early next year.

All processors in this lineup support DDR4 and DDR5 memory. Yet, DDR5 will likely be the primary focus for most manufacturers due to its decreased cost in recent times.

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