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GeForce GTX 590

GeForce-GTX-590 Architecturally, the GF110 chips used in the GeForce GTX 590 are not very different from the GF100 on which the first model of the Fermi line, the GTX 480, is based. Both GPUs use the same multiprocessor configuration, these chips consist of four Graphics Processing Clusters.
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GeForce GTX 570

zotac_geforce_gtx_570 When designing the GTX 570, NVIDIA designers followed the same path, reducing the number of stream processors and the bus width. The novelty has 15 multiprocessors (respectively, 480 CUDA cores remain) and 5 memory controllers (bus width 320 bits, 40 ROP blocks).
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GeForce GTX 580

zotac_geforce_gtx_580 The new GeForce GTX 580 is nothing revolutionary. The main task that the company's engineers faced was to correct the mistakes made earlier, as well as to increase performance for a more significant lead over the main competitor AMD. 
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