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GeForce GTX 780 Ti



Not much time has passed since the release of the Radeon R290X, which could compete on par with the GEFORCE GTX TITAN, and NVIDIA released a faster graphics card, which is currently the fastest single-chip gaming solution ever released - its name is the GeForce GTX 780 Ti .


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GeForce GTX 780


The GeForce GTX 780 is the younger brother of the single-chip flagship GeForce GTX TITAN and has similar design features, such as a cooling system and a power subsystem. The difference from the GeForce GTX TITAN is that the video card has a slightly reduced number of functional units and half the amount of video memory.
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The GK110 became the basis for the new GeForce consumer graphics card family. At the end of February 2013, NVIDIA made a major premiere of this video accelerator. A new NVIDIA 3D gaming card was released on the already run-in GK110 GPU, which served as the basis for the Tesla K20 computing accelerator. 
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