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  Best GPU benchmarks


titanium angle-view We present to your attention the testing of a new product from NVIDIA under the name GEFORCE GTX TITAN. This card is the most powerful single-chip graphics solution to date, and only the latest dual-chip solutions can compete with it in terms of performance.
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What "Winter-Spring 2013" has in store for modern video cards - GameGPU preview

metro-last-light-image This article is already the second in a row on our resource, in which we will determine what the winter and spring season of 2013 is preparing for modern video cards, which are not inferior to autumn ones in terms of the number of releases. In this article, we have selected the most promising games that will be of most interest to the PC community in the coming year. 
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Kepler vs Tahiti GPU test

gtx-680-1 Well, the new single-chip flagship from NVIDIA, represented by the GeForce GTX 680, has reached us. Since video cards are provided to us for constant testing, we are the closing link in the summary test of graphic solutions, but we hope that our review will be very useful for our readers.
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Games of 2011 vs modern video cards - GPU test

nvidia vs_amd2

Well, the great and mighty year of 2011 has come to an end! For some, he brought a lot of joy, for whom a lot of sadness, but for us, gamers, he presented a bunch of high-tech games that have become a real test for your pets. Throughout the year, our users have been following our reviews intently, peering into all the splendor that you have to pay for ...

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Radeon HD 6990 vs GeForce GTX 590: GPU Test


It's been quite a while since the release of the Radeon HD 6990 versus the GeForce GTX 590, but only recently have we been able to get these cards for our testing. In order to compensate for this long time period, we conducted the most extensive comparative test, including not only single video cards, but also their Cross Fire and SLI tandems. 
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