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Winged Predators: PC Performance Benchmarks for Graphics Cards and Processors

aces_2009-12-28_11-45-48-66Year of release: 2009
Flight simulator
Gaijin Entertainment
Gaijin Entertainment

System requirements for maximum rendering quality recommended by the gameGPU website :


Operating system : Vista®, Windows 7
Processor : Core 2 Duo 1.63 GHz
RAM : 1.5 GB 
Video card: DirectX®9 compatible video card with 256 MB RAM Radeon HD 3690 or GeForce G T 220
Hard drive:
7 GB free space


Operating system : Vista®, Windows 7
Processor : Core 2 Duo 2.2 GHz
RAM : 2 GB 
Video card : DirectX®9 compatible video card with 256 MB RAM Radeon HD 4670 or GeForce 8800 GS
Hard drive :
7 GB free space


Operating system : Vista®, Windows 7
Processor : Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz
RAM : 2 GB 
Video card: DirectX®9 compatible video card with 512 MB RAM Radeon HD 4770 or GeForce GTS 250
Hard drive:
7 GB free space

Official description of the game

Project Winged Predators will present more than fifty diverse missions, which are based on large-scale operations during the Second World War. Sitting at the helm of a fighter, bomber or attack aircraft, the player will become a participant in the most famous battles in the skies over Eastern and Western Europe, including the battles for Berlin, Britain and Sicily, the Battle of Stalingrad and Korsun-Shevchenkovskaya.

Thanks to a modern graphics engine, the new game will demonstrate an unprecedented level of visualization, a realistic flight model and a damage system. Hundreds of detailed recreated aircraft will take part in grandiose air battles, including Soviet ILs, LAs and Yaks, British Spitfires, American Mustangs and Thunderbolts, German Messerschmitt, Focke Wulf, Junkers.


The project provides several modes of different levels of difficulty - from arcade to a serious simulator - which will allow the player to choose the most suitable one for themselves. Multiplayer will offer four modes with the ability to participate in the battle of up to thirty-two people. In addition, the game supports various gamepads and joysticks, as well as headsets for voice chat.

Winged Predators showcase incredible graphics and a breathtaking level of realism. The behavior of the aircraft is reproduced with maximum accuracy, and a detailed damage system will display the most epic battle in the sky that you can imagine. Are you ready for uncompromising air battles? Then fasten your seat belts and pull your helmet tighter over your head, because you will experience one of the most realistic aviation simulators ever available for PC!

Features of the game:
- Hundreds of units of air and ground equipment take part in the battles. You will see from the cockpit of your plane the entire scale of the Second World War, where the front line blooming with explosions will unfold in front of you at a glance;
- Take part in more than 50 missions in the skies over Western and Eastern Europe;
- Be at the helm of a variety of combat vehicles, including Soviet Ily, La and Yaks, British Spitfire, American Mustang and ThunderBolt, German Messerschmitt, Focke-Wulf, Junkers and others;
- From a simplified mode for beginners, to a serious simulator;
- Detailed damage system and the most realistic flight model;
- Four collective modes with up to 32 people;
- Support for all kinds of game controllers, including 6-DOF TrackIR, TripleHead2GO, as well as headsets for voice chat in network mode;
- Support for downloadable add-ons through the yuPlay service: new aircraft and missions;
- Inimitable music from music master Jeremy Soule, who has worked on projects such as The Elder Scrolls, Unreal II and Baldur's Gate.

Overview: Playability

After the third truckers, it seemed that trust in domestic developers was lost for us, if not forever, then for a very long time. To be honest, we were very surprised by the Winged Predators: the game has a very good atmosphere, which very vividly conveys the spirit of the Second World War.


The realism of the ongoing air battles is fascinating, and even simple flights over the area bring a lot of pleasure. The gameplay alternates with newsreels of the Second World War, and the negotiations between the pilots add life to this game.


In general, the project from a gaming point of view could get a massive gaming audience, but it has more a simulation focus than an arcade one. Many users will be unhappy with this factor, but what can you do, the game was originally aimed at an advanced audience. The developers, of course, tried to introduce a semblance of arcade control into the game, but still few will enjoy the control.


Next, we suggest that you evaluate the gameplay directly in the game video and hope that this will help you to understand the essence of the gameplay.


Winged Predators are a good product of domestic developers and players should try this project on their own, especially since the demo version can be tried out for free.

Review: Game Graphics

The graphics are not enough stars from the ceiling, but you can’t call it a sherpotrep in any case, the game has a very pleasant environment and detail. Everything is done very stylishly and beautifully. Many of our compatriots should learn from someone.


The physics of destruction and the behavior of air vehicles is quite decent and deserves all praise. I am very pleased with the destruction of the enemy liner into separate parts under continuous fire from onboard guns. Explosions are simply magnificent and make you lose sight of the events taking place around you and stare at them.


Of course, the landscape itself is not ideal, and at very close viewing it looks, to put it mildly, not very high quality. But what to do, our technology has not yet reached the level of high-quality display of all the details of the entire surrounding world that is comfortable for the eye.

Review: Game resource intensive

To play Winged Predators, you will need quite a bit by today's standards - a dual-core processor of the Core 2 Duo 2.2 GHz level and 2 gigabytes of RAM .



All video cards were tested at maximum graphics quality by the Fraps program in the most resource-intensive part of the game.


We tested video cards of the lower price segment at a resolution of 1024x768, we tested video cards of the middle price range at a resolution of 1280x1024, and video cards of the upper price range were tested at a resolution of 1680x1050.

Testing at maximum Low End quality settings at a resolution of 1024x768




In the lower segment, we see a more or less acceptable picture, which has long been not so rosy for this type of video card.

Testing at maximum quality settings Midle End at a resolution of 1280x1024


At the average level, almost all participants are able to compete with a low frame rate. Let's remove the details a little and everything will go quite comfortably.

Testing at maximum High End quality settings at a resolution of 1680x1050


It can be seen that the game is well optimized and will run on most modern gaming machines. we can safely say that the optimization by the developers was quite successful.

Conclusion: Winged Predators will find their fans not only among fans of simulators, but also among some arcade players. The picture quality and video card performance are quite acceptable.