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Counter-Strike 2: Valve Awakens the Legend with an Updated Free Shooter Version

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Valve has delighted the global gaming community by releasing its free competitive shooter - Counter-Strike 2. After 11 years since the release of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the studio has introduced a completely updated version of the game.

The update even went through a renaming of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive page on Steam. Now, every owner of the shooter can simply download the update and immerse themselves in the world of Counter-Strike 2.

What awaits players in this new version:

  1. New Rankings and Updated Premier Mode: The core component of competitive gameplay has been improved to provide fairer competitions and more engaging gameplay.

  2. Global and Regional Leaderboards: Players can now compare their achievements on both the global and regional stages.

  3. Improved and Recreated Maps from Scratch: The game environment has become even more realistic and captivating.

  4. New Dynamic Smoke from Grenades: This element adds tactical depth and realism to battles.

  5. Reimagined Visual Effects and Sounds: Enhanced visual and audio effects bring a new level of atmosphere to the game.

In addition, all items from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will be transferred to Counter-Strike 2, with improved visuals thanks to the Source 2 engine and enhanced lighting and texture processing.

Developers have also implemented a new network structure that enhances gameplay and makes it less dependent on the frequency of server information updates.

This release is truly significant for Counter-Strike fans and confirms that Valve continues to invest in improving its iconic games to meet the demands of the gaming community.

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Horizon Forbidden West: Complete Edition Announced for PS5 and PC

Sony Interactive Entertainment has officially unveiled Horizon Forbidden West: Complete Edition. This complete edition of Guerrilla Games' action RPG includes the base game and the narrative expansion called Burning Shores, which will take players to a new region known as the Burning Shores.

Horizon Forbidden West

In this area, formerly Los Angeles, now transformed into a dangerous volcanic archipelago, Aloy embarks on a new adventure. The complete edition also includes downloadable versions of the soundtrack and art book, the digital comic Horizon Zero Dawn Vol. 1: The Sunhawk, and additional in-game content, including poses, facial paint for the photo mode, equipment, weapons, and resources.

Horizon Forbidden West: Complete Edition will be available on PlayStation 5 on October 6th for $59.99, while the full PC version will debut in early 2024. Don't miss the chance to add this game to your wishlist on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

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Cyberpunk 2077 Surges in Popularity on Steam with Update 2.0 and Phantom Liberty Expansion

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Cyberpunk 2077 has made a sudden return to the forefront of popularity on Steam, thanks to the highly anticipated Update 2.0 and the Phantom Liberty expansion. SteamDB data speaks for itself: since September 21, the number of players on the Valve platform has been rapidly increasing, reaching an impressive peak of 169,000 simultaneous players by Sunday. This is the highest figure since the beginning of 2021.

As of today, the game has set a new record by attracting 246,000 players simultaneously. Cyberpunk 2077 hasn't seen such numbers since late 2020 when its popularity started to decline sharply from its initial peak of 1 million concurrent players. However, with the release of the long-awaited expansion and significant update, players are returning to the futuristic world en masse.

It's no surprise that Cyberpunk 2077 topped the list of best-selling games on Steam last week. The game is available at a 40% discount until October 1.

This sudden surge in popularity is excellent news for both the developers and fans of Cyberpunk 2077, confirming that even years after its release, the game remains at the forefront of gamers' attention.

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"Phantom Liberty" unveils new horizons for Cyberpunk 2077


Gamers around the globe are eagerly awaiting the release of the expansion Phantom Liberty for the renowned role-playing game Cyberpunk 2077, scheduled for September 26, 2023, at 01:00 Central European Time. CD Projekt RED has already enabled console users to pre-load the expansion, allowing them to dive into the new adventure as soon as it becomes available.

Among other updates, the allure of Phantom Liberty has been confirmed by high ratings from leading gaming media outlets. The review aggregator OpenCritic awarded the add-on an average score of 89 out of 100, based on 76 reviews, making Phantom Liberty one of the highest-rated expansions recently.

The recently released trailer gives players yet another reason for excitement, unveiling the mysterious premise of the DLC and showcasing spectacular snippets of gameplay and narrative sequences. Such scenes promise an unparalleled level of spectacle and an in-depth narrative unfolding, making Phantom Liberty a long-awaited addition for fans of Cyberpunk 2077.

Thanks to such positive feedback and a promising trailer, expectations for Phantom Liberty are growing by the day. This expansion, according to journalists and critics, is already considered one of the best in the history of the gaming industry, which only heightens interest in its upcoming release.

Many journalists from profiled publications who got to evaluate the add-on were thrilled by its depth and thoughtfulness. Phantom Liberty takes players back to the enthralling world of Night City, offering new missions, characters, and plot developments.

Meanwhile, developers from CD Projekt RED continue to actively engage with the community, share updates, and fuel interest in the upcoming expansion. By all appearances, Phantom Liberty will become a bright new chapter in the history of Cyberpunk 2077, meeting fans' expectations and offering a plethora of new experiences in the already beloved universe.

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God of War Sparks a Muse for Don't Nod's Upcoming Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden

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It seems the development team at Don't Nod has found a rich vein of inspiration in the innovative gameplay mechanics of Santa Monica Studio’s God of War. In a recent sit-down with PLAY magazine, the creative director of the forthcoming action-adventure title, Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden, Philippe Moro, shed light on how the 2018’s God of War served as a principal inspiration for their new venture.

"We chose to start from scratch with a new combat system for our project. The main emphasis was on borrowing the experience from God of War, especially regarding the gameplay feel and the close-to-character camera positioning which enables better maneuvering and shooting," Moro shared. This marks a significant stride forward compared to their previous title Vampyr.

The gaming community is eagerly awaiting the release of Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden, scheduled for November 7, on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC platforms.

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Bethesda’s New Gem Dulls: Starfield's Rating on Steam Drops Below Fallout 76

Since its launch, Bethesda's new space saga, Starfield, has been the cynosure of both gamers and critics. While initially receiving glowing reviews, the tide of public opinion seems to have turned, with more critical assessments emerging over time. Now, according to SteamDB data, the game's rating has plummeted below that of another Bethesda project—Fallout 76.


Fallout 76 serves as a stark reminder of how not to launch games. Upon release, it was heavily criticized for bugs and technical issues. However, over time, the developers rectified most of the issues, and now Fallout 76 enjoys predominantly positive reviews on Steam, continuing to engage players with new content.

On the other hand, Starfield has faced a slew of criticisms for its numerous loading times and other unique decisions made by Bethesda, presumably leading to the rating dip.

The unfolding scenario with Starfield brings to light the significance of heeding player feedback during and post-development. Whether Starfield will follow Fallout 76's trajectory in amending issues and regaining the gaming community’s trust remains a matter seen only in time.

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Cyberpunk 2077 Sees a Sharp Rise in Player Count on Steam Following Patch 2.0 Release, Over 100,000 Active Players


The release of the major update 2.0 for Cyberpunk 2077 has clearly inspired the gaming community. According to Steam statistics, the active audience of the game has significantly increased, reaching a mark of 101,041 users at the time of publishing this material.

Up to this point, online indicators barely surpassed the threshold of 15,000 players, but after September 21, when patch 2.0 was released, the situation drastically changed. Of course, this is far from the absolute record, which was set on the day of the game's release with more than 1 million active players on Steam, but this growth speaks to the resurgence of interest in Cyberpunk 2077.

The main improvements offered in the update include a revamped police behavior system, a new skill system, and armed car chases. These changes have allowed players to re-evaluate the gameplay and return to the world of Cyberpunk 2077 with new enthusiasm.

On a related note, another significant release awaits players on September 26 — the expansion Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. Judging by the community's reaction, expectations around the update and story expansion are quite high, and possibly, the number of active players will continue to grow.

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Capcom Unveils Enthralling Dragon’s Dogma II Gameplay at Tokyo Game Show 2023

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At the esteemed Tokyo Game Show 2023, Capcom gave fans a tantalizing glimpse into the future with an 8-minute gameplay showcase of the much-anticipated Dragon’s Dogma II. Guided by game director Hideaki Itsuno, the preview offered a deep dive into a sprawling world of exploration, epic battles, and diverse character classes.

The sequel's universe is slated to be four times larger than its predecessor, with a mix of returning beasts and brand-new monsters. This expansive realm is set to be peppered with hidden secrets and challenges.

The game will feature a slew of professions including sorcerer, warrior, thief, and archer, each boasting unique gameplay dynamics. A highlight of the showcase was the game's physics, allowing players to interact with the environment, such as toppling bridges.

Developed using the RE Engine, Dragon’s Dogma II will be available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. While a release date remains under wraps, it's noteworthy that the sequel was initially announced in 2022, marking the series' decade-long journey.

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Cyberpunk 2077 receives update 2.0 with an upcoming story expansion

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Today marks a pivotal moment for Cyberpunk 2077 enthusiasts. CD Projekt RED rolled out a substantial 2.0 patch for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series. The update touches upon myriad game facets, ranging from balance adjustments and performance to visual and audio enhancements.

The developer team emphasizes that there's a trove of additions and refinements for players to discover on their own. While gamers can proceed with their existing save files, it's suggested to embark on a fresh journey to genuinely relish the game's revamp. A word of caution for mod users: potential compatibility issues might arise.

Lastly, come September 26th, fans can delve into a narrative expansion titled "Phantom Liberty", which, according to early feedback, is well worth the wait.

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NVIDIA GeForce 537.42

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NVIDIA continues to ramp up gaming quality for its users with the release of its new Game Ready driver version 537.42. A significant focus has been placed on supporting the avant-garde DLSS technologies, including DLSS 3.5 and DLSS Ray Reconstruction. These enhancements promise heightened gaming experiences, especially evident in titles like Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty.

Moreover, this driver broadens its backing for other titles such as Warhaven and Witchfire with DLSS 3, and Party Animals which now harnesses DLSS Super Resolution and NVIDIA Reflex.

In terms of rectifications, NVIDIA addressed glitches within Octane Render related to shaders and erratic movement keys. However, users should be apprised of known issues, like performance hitches in Halo Infinite on Maxwell-based chips and interim challenges in DaVinci Resolve.

Download NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready 537.42

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