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NVIDIA GeForce GeForce RTX 40 lineup for mobile devices leaked, RTX 4090 coming to notebooks

NVIDIA may be further backtracking on its promise to keep laptops and desktop GPUs at the same level of performance. The new mobile series is reported to include four different processors and five SKU names that do not match the desktop series in any way.


While probably no one expected the power-hungry AD102 GPU to appear in a laptop, enthusiasts will still have to pay more attention to mobile naming. According to the recently released "GN21 Marketing Name" slide, NVIDIA will release as many as five different RTX 40 mobile SKUs.

This time, NVIDIA will release its first RTX X90 class mobile GPU, but unlike the desktop part, it will be based on the AD103 GPU instead of the AD102. This is perhaps the most interesting part of this leak.

Codenamed "GN21", the NVIDIA RTX 40 mobile series shouldn't come as a surprise to our readers. Lickers has been sharing data on these mobile GPUs since June of this year. In fact, one of NVIDIA's most reputable hardware sources has already revealed which GPU is in which mobile SKU.


Previously, the same leaker also confirmed the maximum TGP (total graphics power) ranges for the three models, which will reportedly not consume more than 175W. What's also worth noting when it comes to this leak is the lack of an RTX 4080 non-Ti SKU. However, such a part could appear at any moment.


And since we are talking about mobile chips. AMD can also surprise its fans. A cryptic tweet from AMD hardware source @greymon55 indicates that the mobile Radeon RX 7000 GPU could be as powerful as the desktop RX 6950XT. This likely means that Navi 32 (the best RDNA3 GPU expected to debut in laptops) will be a very powerful chip for mobile gaming.


Unfortunately, we don't have any leaked specs or codenames here. But one would expect it to be launched as a Radeon RX 7900M or 7800M.

What we know for sure is that both NVIDIA and AMD are going to release new GPU series around CES 2023. This launch could be combined with the release of the Zen4 and Raptor Lake mobile processor series.