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Comparative Performance of DirectX 7 Generation Graphics Cards





CPU Intel Pentium III 733EB
Motherboard Soltek SL-67KV
Chipset SL-67KV
Memory 256 mb SDRAM Kingston
Sound Creative SB Live!
LAN Realtek RTL6111C
Hard disks IDE, Western Digital WD Expert 273BA 2mb cashe 7200 Rpm
power unit CoolerMaster ATX 250 Wt


List of video cards 

GeForce 2 Ultra GeForce 2 PRO GeForce 2 GTS GeForce 2 MX 400 GeForce 2 MX 200 GeForce 2 MX GeForce 256 DDR Radeon DDR Radeon SDR Radeon VE / 7000 Radeon 7200 Radeon 7500 S3 Savage 2000 Matrox G400 Matrox Millennium G450 Voodoo4 4500 Voodoo5 5000 Voodoo5 55 00 Voodoo5 6000

 In 3DMark 2000, video cards were compared in standard mode at a resolution of 1024x768

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