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Unity Introduces Controversial "Installation Fee": Developers Rally in Protest

Unity, a renowned game development platform, has ignited a wave of dissatisfaction among developers by initiating an "installation fee" starting from January 1st, 2024. Many believe this decision could endanger the economic viability of both large and small game studios.


A coalition of developers, encompassing industry giants like Azur Games, Voodoo, and Playgendary, along with numerous smaller studios, have decided to join forces. In protest, they're threatening to remove Unity’s advertising services such as IronSource and Unity Ads from their projects.

"This new move by Unity jeopardizes countless research and projects accomplished by our community. The ramifications of this decision could be devastating for the entire industry," the developer coalition's statement reads.

This move by Unity was made without industry consultation and has caught many game developers off guard. The ensuing disagreements and tensions between Unity and game developers could lead to significant shifts in the gaming landscape.