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CD Projekt Red is preparing to launch two exciting projects: a continuation of the globally acclaimed Cyberpunk 2077 and a mysterious project called Project Hadar.

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CD Projekt Red is attracting the attention of the gaming community around the world: a popular Polish studio is preparing to start working on two new projects that promise to delight fans of CD Projekt games. Among the new products are the long-awaited continuation of the famous Cyberpunk 2077, codenamed Project Orion, and the mysterious Project Hadar, created according to the new game universe.

As it became known from the words of the head of the CD Projekt holding, Adam Kiczynski, new projects are already at the pre-production stage. The developers plan to actively start working on them in 2024. During this period, CD Projekt Red will begin testing the developed concepts and technologies that already exist in the form of prototypes.

The US division of CD Projekt RED, based in Boston, will be responsible for the new projects. Adam Kiczynski emphasized that the budget for the development of Project Orion and Project Hadar has already been allocated and the cost of creating new games will begin to grow in the near future.

Precise details about the new projects are still scarce, but it is certain that any new venture from CD Projekt RED is of great interest among gamers. It remains only to follow the news and wait for details about Project Orion and Project Hadar in the near future.