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KRAFTON Announces inZOI: A New Milestone in Life Simulation Games


KRAFTON, renowned for its innovative gaming approaches, has announced the release of a new life simulation game, inZOI, positioning it as a formidable competitor to the popular "The Sims" series. This game promises to revolutionize the life simulation genre with its unique mechanics and deep immersion in a virtual world.

inZOI enables players to take on the role of gods within the game, providing them with unlimited possibilities to change and control the world. This feature opens new horizons for creativity and self-expression within the gaming space.

The game was showcased at the GigaStar 2023 event, where KRAFTON emphasized its significance in the life simulation genre. inZOI is compared to games like "Second Life" due to its ability to offer players a virtual world for exploration and interaction.

An interesting aspect of inZOI's development is that it started as "Project Blue" at Bluehole Studio, before being taken under KRAFTON's wing. This transition marks a new phase in the project's evolution, bringing fresh ideas and possibilities for its execution.

The inZOI trailer, presented by KRAFTON, has already elicited enthusiastic responses from fans of the genre, highlighting its stunning graphics and well-thought-out game world. The game is expected to offer a revolutionary experience in the life simulation genre, opening new frontiers for the gaming community​​.