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Lies of P by Round8 Studio to feature Denuvo protection on PC, announced just 3 days before launch!

Gamers, hold onto your controllers! As the much-anticipated "Lies of P" from Korea's Round8 Studio gears up for its release, a crucial piece of information has emerged for PC enthusiasts. A recent glance at the game's Steam page revealed the incorporation of Denuvo, the renowned anti-piracy system. Will this spell performance woes, or is it a standard affair for modern releases?


While the jury remains out on the pros and cons of Denuvo, a reminder to those who've pre-ordered the deluxe edition - you're in for an early dive into this soulslike adventure.

And for console fans, "Lies of P" will grace the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Cherry on top? Game Pass subscribers, you're in luck! The title will join the subscription roster right on release day!