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Potential PC Port of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: Sony Hints at Expanding Game's Availability

Following the successful PC releases of the first two parts of the "Marvel’s Spider-Man" series, speculation arises that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 might also be adapted for PC. While official plans for a PC release have not been announced yet, Sony’s previous pattern of porting from PS4 and PS5 to PC suggests an inclination to broaden the reach of its blockbuster titles.


In the latest trailer of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, the game is described as a "console exclusive" for PlayStation 5, raising questions about potential availability on other platforms, as the term "console exclusive" often implies the possibility of a PC release.

This characterization could hint at the game's eventual arrival on PC, considering that in many cases, such phrasing has been used for projects that later debuted on computers. This hints at Sony’s strategy to expand access to its games beyond just the console market.

Users and analysts are actively discussing this nuance, noting a shift in Sony’s marketing strategy. With Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, such a change could indicate the company's plans to release the game not only on PlayStation 5 but also on other platforms.

While there is no official confirmation from Sony yet, precedents with previous games in the series and the current market trend of releasing console exclusives on PC give fans reason to be optimistic about a potential PC release of the game.